Afternoon tea with the girlsAfter a fabulous and really fun week end with my friends, I started thinking of what made it so great. As well as the brilliant places where we ate, drank, shopped, ate, drank, laughed, danced and ate and drank again, we actually fashioned a vibrant environment. We had a positive attitude and various components throughout the day and night that we loved and looked forward to. So we created an atmosphere that made us feel GOOD.

Any person in their own life journey, whatever age, size, colour, ethnicity, sexuality or religious belief finds a sparks in their mind that gets them going and starts them thinking about and committing to looking after their own health better.

We all have a great reason to get along to a class – doing something that makes us feel better that day.

So I would really like to get two points across:

1. If you train on your own, the music and the body language is just for you. But when training in a studio or a gym, your action, your body language and your words can really influence what other people feel. So let’s leave judgement at the studio door, or even better in the car park. We don’t know if the people next to us are experiencing their first ever session, their first in a year or the first in a month. Just come with a positive attitude and it will completely change the atmosphere in the room. Never underestimate the power to influence others. So treat others the way you want to be treated (the Golden Rule!) and it could be you who makes a beginner feel at home and help them change their life. You can be the one that reminds others that we can always do something healthy for ourselves. As I always say at yoga: “Don’t compare yourself to others, rather aim to be better than you were yesterday “

2 – We have only one body and we only have today once! Do something positive for yourself. It’s so much easier to make exercise a part of your daily routine if you like what you do. Find what it is you enjoy doing and stick to it. Find what makes your body feel better and go for it. I love to dance, it makes me smile, it overshadows any sadness or anger I might have felt before the first beat hits the speakers. And same is with yoga. It’s my favourite form of exercise. I will probably do it until my last breath. Find out what you most enjoy doing. We don’t have to be dancers in a studio with perfect bodies, because dancing is for everybody!! And Yoga has so many branches that we can find the most appropriate style for our rhythm at any stage of life.

So make the most of today and do something healthy for yourself… today!!

With Love,