Sunset…I have put my trainers on!

The degree to which the weather can shift my mood is well known in my family, but after a week of stormy winds and torrential rains, even they were celebrating my return to happiness!! And it’s Sunday too.

Sunday is a special day. It’s our “Be Kind to Yourself” day. It’s a day of reflection and celebration. It’s a day to Leave behind the busy, crazy, non-stop brain of mine with ideas all over the place. Things to do, appointments to keep, which themselves are so easily distracted by the issues of the week, the school runs, “Roman” day ( for my 9 year-old), not to mention the window leaking…

And so I put my trainers on, chose the “Running” playlist on my mp3 and hit the pavement.

It’s my meditation, my peace. It’s the place and time to chill and breathe. I look at my surroundings with a different lens; colours are different from when I pass the same spots in my car and I can see things and shapes so much clearer, like supervision!!

It’s my time to face the crossroads, my time to ask. Ask, then listen to what comes up. And I mean really listen.

Amazing isn’t it?

I hope you can find your positive thoughts, by giving yourself five minutes just for you. Five minutes to silence the noises around you and hear yourself.


Inhale ‘I am love’
Exhale ‘I am worthy of love’

Inhale ‘I give love without fear’
Exhale ‘I choose to see love over this’

Happiness surrounds you. Reflect on the joys of your life: the people you love and their health; something funny you read on Facebook; a wonderful sunny day; and then celebrate it.

If you are happy, you’ll bring happiness to the world and it is contagious!!

Have a happy Sunday!


Feel the urge to put your trainers on?  Come and have a dance with me tomorrow at Esse at 7.00pm and 8.15pm. It’s exhilarating, some music you already love and some music you will fall in love with!! Leave the chores behind, come and smile! Let me assure you, you will smile!!