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I am a trainer, mother and wife with a busy schedule and I like to make the hour of each session the most fun filled and intense experience anyone can possibly ask from either yoga, dancing, pilates or personal training.

I love fitness and body movement and my aim is always to get my clientele fit and healthy. I believe “strong is the new skinny!”

I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music instructor with the YMCA over 14 years ago and worked in top London venues, like “YMCA Central”, “The Club” and the Spa at the County Hall Marriott. After moving with the family to the Melbourn/Royston area I became a free lance fitness consultant.


I teach a creative and open yoga, with a down-to-earth approach, reflecting my background in personal training. I focus equally on flexibility and strength, specifically in the core. For clients who are new to yoga we start from scratch, with careful thought on alignment, improving back muscles and starting to open hips and “heart”.

Following a course in Supple Strength and Fitness Yoga 10 years ago, I have done courses in Yogalates (a fusion form of yoga and pilates created by Louise Solomon) and Fitness Pilates with Rachel Holmes. Most recently I have broadened my knowledge of Yoga Flow, attending various courses with Claire Missingham (triyoga studios Soho and yogaglo.com), Annie Carpenter (Smart Flow Yoga) and Tiffany Cruickshank (yogamedicine, yogaglo), as well as studying at Camyoga in Cambridge (eg yoga sport science with Hayley Winter). In my class I try to inspire people to be led by their hearts and their passions: you will laugh, sweat and spend the rest of the day buzzing with energy. Every class opens the practitioner to surprising and amazing discovery of self. Every yoga journey is different and personal and I focus on positive thinking and self expression. I encourage my clients to find their own daily purpose to which the practice is dedicated and their own personal goal to aim for, be it strength, focus, acceptance (I emphasise the “I am enough” yogalosophy!), patience or just an extra breath in “Tree” pose! I find this provides clients with something on which to focus, both on and off the mat.

I teach a wide range of different ages and everyone leaves my class with a smile! They challenge their bodies, test their focus and will-power; and they succeed. I am constantly amazed by the abilities of the people in my classes and their improvement. That is my purpose, to see them improve all the time. And they do.

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